On a market in which many wind energy projects are announced each year, the uncertain and fluctuant regulations is nothing more than an obstacle in Romania’s renewable energy sector evolution.

Both authorities and companies with operations on the local market or interested in investing in this sector are called to debate during the “Focus on renewable energy” event on the issues rised by the current legislation on this sector and on the impact which these unclear regulation have on the cost of financing, coming from either international financial institutions or commercial banks.



09.00-11.00 FIRST SESSION

Remarks on the regulations and development of the national electricity grid; status of the wind power sector.

The situation of the regulatory framework for electricity from renewable sources and the impact on investment flows.

The current framework established by Law 220/2008 and Law 139/2010 lead to over-compensation for certain types of technology in Romania?
– Which is the status of formal notification of new state-aid schemes by the European Commission?
– How can new electricity generators connect to the grid?
– Which are the future development plans for the development of the energy transportation network
– Have intelligent network (Smart Grids) became an absolute necessity for Romania? Should it be recognized as prudential investment of network operators?
– How is ensured the balance between the development pace of both network development and balancing capacities and the investments in the uncontrollable capacities? Are there needed administrative barriers? There have to be found innovative financing solutions for balancing capabilities?
– How it is seen the supply-demand balance for green certificates market in the next five years?


Moderator : Valeriu BINIG, Director | Financial Advisory Services/Energy&Resources/Corporate Finance – Deloitte
Petru LIFICIU, Vicepresedinte – ANRE
Stelian Alexandru GAL,Director General – CN Transelectrica SA
Silvia VLASCEANU, Counselor in the Romanian Parliament & Executive Director of the Association of Companies for Energy Utilities in Romania
Dana DUICA, Executive Director – Romanian Wind Energy Association

11.00 – 11.30 Coffee break

 11.30 – 13.30 SECOND SESSION

– Financing solutions.

– Which are the benefits of financing provided by international financial institutions as the EBRD, the IFC or the EIB?
– What financing terms are offered by commercial banks?
– What is the status of underway wind energy investment projects?
– New technologies: micro-hydro power plants, solar energy.
– Does Romania’s potential justify the investment potential?
– Are there any chances to significantly contribute to cover the load curve?
– Integrated IT solutions with smart grids.


Moderator : Valeriu BINIG, Director | Financial Advisory Services/Energy&Resources/Corporate Finance – Deloitte
Robert GHELASI, Director Energy Department – Capital Partners
Paula CORBAN, Counsel,  Energy Practice Group  – White&Case
Steven BOMCAMP, President, RoGBC
 Calin VILT,  Program Smart Grids Program, Transelectrica
*Dragos BILTEANU,  Presedinte – Romenergo

13.30 Lunch

* pending confirmation