Grup de Lucru Winter Package & New Developments


WInter Package & New Developments members

1.Dana Dinescu PNE WIND

2.Mircea Suciu PET CONSTANTA

3.Rafael Morilla GENERAVANTE

4.Marcela Jalba E-NOTRE

5.Radu Enache WPD

6.Mihai Necula GESTAMPREN

7.Andrei Manea EGPR

8.Mirela Grigore VSB

9.Evgeny Shadrin LANDPOWER

10.Cornel Moiseanu RENOVATA

11.Mihail Belu CEZ

12.Dan Piticari VESTAS

13.Yannick Bastien APURON



Having important objectives for wind industry evolution, in Romania, the Working Group "Winter Package & New Developments" reached already the 4th meeting and issued deliverable related to : grid congestion and diminish the grid connection costs, new wind capacities prior 2020, Clean Energy Package, cross border projects.

An official letter was sent to authorities (ANRE, Transelectrica) related to grid congestion and "Ti" strengthening component. You can see below RWEA demarche on 29.08.2017 and ANRE response on 14.09.2017.

A Position on Clean Energy Package was drafted by group members. RWEA position Considering the opportunity of new capacities (continue developments), the group will prepare a position on the opportunities and benefits Romania by adding additional RES capacity in which regard is sustaining the approach of Ministry of Energy referring to Power Purchasing Agreements market reentry and Contract For Difference mechanism implementation.


Issued Documents


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