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Regulation members

1.Razvan Grecu ENGIE

2.Yannick Bastien APURON

3.Cristina Costache KOMPACTGRID

4.Harald Wechselberger VERBUND

5.Mircea Rusu STEAG

6.Sorin Sandulescu CEZ ROMANIA

7.Evgeny Shadrin LANDPOWER

8.Cristian Culea EGPR

9.Mihai Necula GESTAMPREN

10.Andrei Manea EGPR



The Romanian energy ministry has informally resumed the work on the energy strategy with the aim of thoroughly reshaping the draft energy strategy published in the Fall of 2016 (including the scenario developments). For the moment the process was not formalized and RWEA intends to request the participation if the process continues.

RWEA sent its comments to the draft regulation regarding the functioning of the anonymous spot and forward markets. The association requested that the time factor to be removed from the criteria for allocation of contracts among market participants.

Issued Documents


12 - November - 15 RWEA letter to ANRE regarding the proposed measures for the change of the support scheme


7-May-15 RWEA letter to ANRE on the new draft order to change the balancing market


20-May-15 Letter to ANRE on the new rules on balancing market and system services


20-Jul-15 ANRE - RWEA -Verbund letter on the GC excess on the market


24-Sep-15 RWEA letter to ANRE on the draft Order to implement binom tariffs


27-Nov-15 ANRE meeting-E-RES quota increase and the impact in the invoice depending on 3 scenarios

RWEA scenarios


5-Feb-16 RWEA amendments on the ANRE draft Order on the new rules on the balancing market

Letter, Amendments

5-Feb-16 RWEA position paper sent to the Senate on the law 77/2016 (on the modifying the law 123/2012, impacting a lot on the renewables industry)

Cover letter, Amendments



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