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RWEA (Romania Wind Energy Association) is a non-profit organization, it was launched in 2008within the Romanian wind energy industry. RWEA is actively involved in the national and international policy and the dialogue on regulations, communication, research and analysis regarding the extension of renewable energy sources, being the voice of energy transition and the wind energy industry in Romania. At present, it benefits from the support of around 50 members. The market leaders, electric power providers, turbine manufacturers, developers, service providers, training centres, contractors, legal, financial and consulting companies which are part of RWEA represent 2700 MW of Romania’s 3000 MW installed wind power. RWEA offers various services to support the requirements and needs of its members regarding their development, offering the best networking and learning opportunities in the sector, in order to create an adequate legal framework within which members can successfully develop their businesses. The organisation cooperates with national and international organisations, research initiatives and think-tanks to create synergies that constantly update and enhance the policy and regulatory framework required for the uptake of new renewable technologies and the successful development of the member’s businesses. RWEA produces a large variety of information tools and manages campaigns aimed at raising awareness about the benefits of wind energy and enhancing social acceptance, dispelling myths about wind energy and providing easy access to credible information. Moreover, events are a major part of the activities of the association. The conferences, field trips and workshops are meant to encourage the national and international exchange of policies, financial matters and technical developments. RWEA actively promotes projects that prepare a structural and technological transition, ensuring a fair social development of coal-dependent areas, the main ambition being to pave the way for a sustainable transformation of the Romanian energy system.


RWEA, RPIA si PATRES criticize the Emergency Ordinance on some measures relating to the exercise of public and private property rights of the state, which distorts competition in the energy market | 01 Nov 2023

The Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA), the Romanian Wind Energy Association (RWEA), and the Employers’ Organization of Energy Producers from Renewable Sources in Romania (PATRES) representing producers, developers, and service and equipment providers in the renewable energy sector, with a total installed capacity of over 5 GW, criticize the Emergency Ordinance on some measures relating […]

Study: EVALUATION OF STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE RENEWABLES SECTOR IN ROMANIA- Analysis of the Romanian transmission grid development | 08 Jul 2022

Study: EVALUATION OF STRATEGIC DEVELOPMENT IN THE RENEWABLES SECTOR IN ROMANIA- Analysis of the Romanian transmission grid development RWEA, with the help of DNV and in collaboration with Transelectrica, conducted a study identifying Romania’s technical and regulatory needs for the integration of more renewable energy in context of the energy transition process. The project comprises […]

RESinvest Conference Took Place in Bucharest on May 17th, with over 400 Attendees | 19 May 2022

On May 17th RESinvest conference gathered over 400 business executives from the solar and wind energy community from all around Europe, in a common call to action – developing a functional supply chain in Southeast Europe. The timing was impeccable – today the EU Commission released its REPower EU Action Plan, meant to ensure Europe’s […]

Wind Open Day | 21 Sep 2021

RWEA, together with Wind Europe and Renewable Energy School of Skills (RESS), the largest training centre for renewable energy in Southern Europe, have the great honour to invite you on 24 September 2021, to the already traditional event WIND OPEN DAY – Open Day at the Romanian Wind Farms, which RWEA organises every year. During […]


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RWEA Anniversary Soiree. 15 years of Green Impact

In the context of urgent concerns such as climate change and the new political and economic dynamics shaped up recently, the imperative to explore sustainable and efficient solutions becomes more pronounced than ever. In 15 years of activity, RWEA has actively participated in conturing national and international policies, engaging in vital dialogues on regulations, communication […]


Code for Good Practice for Renewable Energy in Romania


RWEA Summer School

The RWEA Summer School comprised of courses and presentations by subject matter experts will provide up-to-date and relevant information on the renewable energy industry.The topics proposed by the lecturers for the summer school are:– Approaching the European Union in the process of achieving climate neutrality – the 2030 stage, the 2050 objective.– The legislative framework […]


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