RWEA Anniversary Soiree. 15 years of Green Impact

23 th Nov 2023

RWEA Anniversary Soiree. 15 years of Green Impact

23 Nov 2023

In the context of urgent concerns such as climate change and the new political and economic dynamics shaped up recently, the imperative to explore sustainable and efficient solutions becomes more pronounced than ever. In 15 years of activity, RWEA has actively participated in conturing national and international policies, engaging in vital dialogues on regulations, communication strategies, and extensive research and analysis to advance the expansion of renewable energy sources. Serving as a prominent voice for energy transition and the wind energy industry in Romania, RWEA currently brings together over 50 dedicated members. 

RWEA not only addresses immediate demands but also ensures brighter prospects for present and future generations alike. Comprising market leaders, electric power providers, turbine manufacturers, developers, service providers, training centers, contractors, legal experts, financial institutions, and consulting firms, RWEA collectively represents an impressive 2700 MW of Romania’s total installed wind power, accounting for 90% of the country’s 3000 MW capacity. 

“In this moment of celebration, it is high time for us to take a step back and assess our impact on the evolution of the renewable energy sector in Romania. I firmly believe that our past endeavors have not only positioned us to embrace the current momentum but have also granted us the opportunity to catalyze economic growth through the dynamic force of our renewable industry. Envisioning a future energy system rooted in green resources, complemented by a sophisticated and digitized grid, smart technologies, and abundant job opportunities, is the path to sustainable progress.” – Liviu Gavrilă, Vice-president, RWEA 

As RWEA continues to lead initiatives in the renewable energy landscape, its influence and impact on the Romanian wind energy industry remain pivotal, driving forward Romania’s commitment to a sustainable and greener future. 

To assist to a successful clean energy transition, the association will continue to act as an enforcer and to better represent industry’s interests and needs in the discussions with Romanian authorities, but also at the European level.  

The legislative pieces that stay at the basis of renewables’ development require consistency and harmonization with the European guidelines and RWEA will try to continually signal and address the discrepancies that might disrupt or jeopardize the RES development. 

 We want to thank the partners and sponsors who made the celebration of RWEA 15 possible: Vestas, EDPR, CEZ Romania, PPC Renewables Romania, Aukera Energy, OX2, PNE, CMS Romania, Nyerges & Partners, Alive Capital, and Wolf Theiss.