26th Apr 2023

Sustainable Finance for Green Ambitions Workshop

26 Apr 2023

RWEA – the Romanian Association for Wind Energy and RPIA – the Romanian Association for the Photovoltaic Industry – bring to the attention of the industry a new topic of interest by proposing to address the main topical points regarding the sustainable financing of renewable projects.

The “Sustainable Finance for Green Ambitions” workshop, is an event that brings a series of debates on the topic of financial opportunities and mechanisms for accelerating renewable energy in Romania, evaluating the current green financing framework and the ways to contribute to accelerating the road to decarbonization.

Green financing covers all areas of activity with a high impact on the environment, from energy production to agriculture, forestry, transport, industrial processes, waste collection and real estate. In the context of European ambitions and the current global landscape, this sector has become an essential element for achieving sustainable investments.

The moment to approach the topic of financing is opportune, being a broad context under discussion, given the multitude and diversity of the expected financing programs, but also from the point of view of economic and political events, at the European level. The subject of financing is defining the progress made in reaching the targets assumed by Romania regarding the production of energy from renewable sources.